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Review: Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge

Hands down. I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK.


Plot: I’m all for classic re-tales. In fact, I’m always looking for the next great read in this area. And then this book fell in my lap and OMG, it’s amazing. If you read the synopsis then you know that this is a re-tale of Beauty and The Beast. I think the creativity for this story, the development of the characters and the world around it is an success.


Love: This is the part that captured me the most. The reader is introduced to the Gentle Lord, who is cursed. I enjoyed the way the reader got to know this guy. At first he is all business making snide remarks, but then his shell starts to peel away one by one, and were left with a guy who is not who we thought he is. I also really enjoyed Nyx’s growth as well. She is funny, strong, and her snarky comments kept me snickering through out the book. She too begins to understand that her plan will not go through as expected. She things differently and it changes her.


Ending: I love the ending. I like how Nyx stood up and fought for what she believed in. She took everything in with stride, throwing it back out at others. She captures the readers pulling them along for a ride that is different and unique.


Overall, I’m very happy and impressed with this story. I can totally go back and read it again. Smart and sophisticated, Cruel Beauty is an memorable read. Crafted with the beauty of deception, magic, and love, the story is an never-wavering inspiration. Profounding and engaging, Cruel Beauty steals the show!

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