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Review: Erased

Erased - Jennifer Rush

This is a fantastic sequel! It moved in the character growth as well as the plot. It’s just amazing!


Plot: So the plot pretty much picks up where the last book left off. They are on the run and coming into other problems they did not see coming. I like that this plot goes deeper than what the reader thinks. There are many secrets exposed and new characters coming to light. The reader also sees other character finally coming out in their  thoughts and emotions. Let’s just say that I was intrigued pretty much from start to finish.


Love/Friendship: I want to say soooo much! But ahhh, I don’t want to ruin it for everyone. But know this, there are characters coming out that will blow your mind. Don’t think for a second that you got it all figured out because in the end…BAM!


Ending: When you get to the end and pretty much all the secrets are out, it just mind blowing. I think I sat there for a few minutes, going through my mind of what I just read. It’s… I can’t even think of words right now. But this story is good. Real good. So good that I need the next book already.


This story is amazeballs! It captures the reader with elusive plot twists and secrets. An engaging story that builds nicely around the reader, Erased is clever. Delivering an extremely entertaining read, Erased is brilliant.

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