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Review: Elusion

Elusion - Claudia Gabel, Cheryl Klam

With the way that technology is growing today, I have not doubt that this is a very strong possibility for the future. Ever since I saw the movie Total Recall (the older version) I became fascinated. There is a part in the movie where anyone can rent out a space and play out whatever fantasy they want. Similarity in Elusion, this is an app. And let me tell, the what this app can do is way cool!


Plot: This is about a girl, Regan who is the daughter of a scientist. This scientist events the ultimate app. In this app, you can create whatever place you want to visit or relive. After all it’s all in your head. But we all know with technology too much of one thing is bad. And soon this app is causing deaths. Regan must follow bread crumbs her father left in order to find out what secrets are being kept. It’s a very intriguing plot that kept me firmly in my seat. Be aware that there is a lot of plot build up. It may seem slow, but once all the pieces are together it’s amazing.


Friendship/Love: Through out the story, Regan is already close friends with her fathers protégé. He has fallen for her and yet she meets another guy, who just so happens to be an enemy of the other guy and the love triangle begins. You know, in this part I was a bit skeptical with the whole love triangle and how it would play out. Since there were a lot of lies, the reader could easily see where Regan’s heart lies, still I had to hold my breathe some in certain parts.


Ending: It ended nicely, concluding the story with plenty to go on if the authors want to continue it. I’m not sure if this book will have a sequel (if it does, please let me know) but if there was one to come out, I’d read it. The scientific aspect alone keeps me firmly in the story.


In the end, I think everyone should go out and read this book. It has plenty to offer with an intriguing plot that is built nicely for the reader to immerse in. The most important part of the book is following the clues so pay attention and enjoy the ride. A delightful story that captures sci-fi at its best, Elusion is clever.

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