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Review: Notable

Notable - Marni Bates

I have been following this series from the start. Each book features a character deeply and in a new way.


Plot: Chelsea is your typical popular gal.  Neglected by her parents yet forced to adhere to their standards, Chelsea is forced to leave on trip outside the country in order for her to get her life together. I think this plot plays well with character development as well as plot build up. It builds up nicely with a start that is harsh yet emotional and then flowed onward to a trip of a lifetime.


Chelsea: Even though she is a popular gal and always gets what she wants, she turned out to be quite different than what I thought. I like that the author used Chelsea's popularity to her advantage. You think that just because she is popular and has bad grades doesn't mean she doesn't know anything. She is actually quite smart and uses what she knows to her best ability. Because of her being popular, Chelsea has some thick skin. She is very blunt and very good at hiding any hurt.


Ending: I like the way Chelsea develop over the course of the story. She doesn't completely change and that's okay but she learns to be herself. She learns to love and accept herself.


This is another great addition to the series. Packing a punch with a smart-mouthed gal, Notable is fantastic.

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