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Review: Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies - Kiersten White

A continuation to the first book, this book felt the same but just a little different in the plot twist.


Plot: For me, the plot felt the same. The characters are going through the sea thing of on the run and trying  to live on the down low. There are several factors with other characters that put their lives in danger. The story didn’t feel different but it did somewhat feel the same. The plot builds up nicely to more plot twists that keeps the reader entertained.


Love: Both love interest did develop quite nicely especially for Annie. I like that in this story we get more Annie. It’s like the first book is Fia’s story and this one is Annie’s. The reader gets to see more of her emotions and thoughts. Their sister bond is stronger than ever even though the are separated. I adore how they each seamlessly protected each other no matter what.


End: The ending is as expected and it does leave me wanting more.  Even though the story is done, I feel as if there can be more. I’m happy with the sisters and  what they fought for.


This is a great story! Even though there are just two short stories, both of these stories carry a big punch. Perfect Lies is an great addition and a stunning ending.

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