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Review: Ruins

Ruins - Dan Wells

This is a really good ending to a great series!


Plot: So the plot moves a bit slow in the beginning but thats because the reader is getting caught up on what is happening after the second book. After that, its takes off into lots of action and drama. Every little detail is explain nicely and carried into the new chapter well. I don’t think there is ever a dull moment in the book.


Love/Friendship: We do get point of views from Kira as well as Sam and a few other characters. Each point of view is well done with plenty of detail. It flowed smoothly and as I read, it painted a pretty good picture in my mind. The development of a certain love interest kept me going and I HOPED that she choose who I wanted. Indeed she did.

Ending: I think the way the whole story came together gave it so much umph and adventure. There are certain plot twists that totally surprised me and had me shocked. Still, I adored it.


Constructed smart and luring, Ruins is an exciting conclusion. The attention to detail with what happens with the DNA and scientific experiments had me completely intrigued. If your in for a epic adventure, then read Ruins.

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