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Review: Heartbeat

Heartbeat - Elizabeth Scott

This is such a touching and emotional story. It question the doubts in our minds and helps us see things differently.


Plot: This story is about girl who mother is brain dead and pregnant. The father is keeping the mother alive in order for the baby to be born. The thing with this is, the father and mother knew it was a boy. They had started getting stuff for the nursery when the mother collapsed. This plot brings so much emotion to the reader. And I can clearly see both sides. On one side the daughter is very upset about the father keeping the mother alive for the baby. She thinks they should be let go…on the other hand, that is her baby brother. And he is ALIVE. The questions stands, what to do??? I think in this situation it is very difficult to pick a side. There are so many conflicting thoughts and factors with the situation.


Friendship/Love: Despite what is going on in home and at the hospital, Emma finds some solace in a new friend she meets. He too, has gone through a similar situation like Emma’s so he understands. This gives way for a great, slow building friendship that turns into a love Emma never expected. They talk a lot and questions everything that is going on around them. They take time to really get deep with their thoughts and emotions giving the reader a great read. I adored watching these two fall in love.


Ending: No matter what decisions you make, especially in a touch decision like this one, no road is easy. It’s always hard on everyone making the decisions and being so young to have to even deal with that is already hard enough. This story really gets down to the nitty gritty, painting it beautifully for anyone to enjoy.


Heartbeart is a fantastic tale of love, life and loss. The best part about the story isn’t so much characters but rather the series of questions they face. Do you take your mom off the ventilator letting her and the baby go? Some believe that both the mother and child are one and should be set free. Others say that letting mother go means you kill the unborn child. What do you do? These questions and more and raised beautifully in this heartfelt tale. Heartbeat is eye-opening.

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