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Review: The Truth About Faking

The Truth About Faking  - Leigh Talbert Moore

This is a very cute story! I love the feel of thinking its all a game when it’s not.


Plot: This plot is about a girl who has a pretend boyfriend and in the mist of things, she falls in love with him. I absolutely love this story. It’s a very cute read with tons of great characters and plot. The plot also goes in to detail with her family as well as her friends. One thing about this plot is that it feels very real and you can connect with the characters.


Love: This love is super fun to read. It does reach a climax of choices but I like that it takes her a while to see what she needs to do. Over the course of their friendship and love, both Jason and Harley start to question what they are doing. There relationship also has some strained with family problems as well as friend drama. It’s good to see this relationship build slowly to a wonderful friendship and love.


Ending: I love this ending. It is a HEA and I’m okay with that. Being with all the characters have gone through, they deserve some peace.


This is a very cute and fun read. Super easy to get into and love, The Truth About Faking captures a fantastic teenage voice that is brought to life with a great satisfying plot. A fun romantic drama that is touching, The Truth About Faking is great.

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