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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

How much money do you spend on books?



Okay, let’s be honest. How much money do you spend on books? In a week, in a month or in a year. How much is it, for real? Not a guess or a round-about number but a REAL solid number.


This year, I want to calculate how much money I spend on books. It’s a scary thought. Because honestly, I don’t really know but I have a feeling my number is HIGH. I buy books everywhere I go. I buy books at Target, Walmart, Kmart and my local indie book store, Paragraph Books. I buy them online at Book Depo, Amazon, B&N and Book Outlet. I even buy books at the grocery store. Yup, you heard me. I buy them at HEB. I buy books everywhere and anytime I’m at the store. And I never really stop to think how much money I REALLY spend on my hobby.


I will be calculating my spending on books every month till the end of the year where you will see my grand total! *GASP*


I decided to calculate any money spent on books into 3 areas:


1. Personal books I buy for myself (Duh)


2. Giveaways ( I give away lots of books so this year I want to know how many books I give away and how much it cost me)


3. Shipping (Does anyone know how much money we spend at the post office? I know I go there a lot and shipping has gone up.)


4. Blogging Cost (Graphics/Web design/Hosting/Subscriptions, etc)


Why am I doing this you ask?


Well for several reasons. First, I want to know for myself. I admit I’m in a (tiny) bit denial about the cost of my hobby. I mean really, it can’t be that much. (Looks around, bites nails.) Right???


Second, I want to bust that rumor that says bloggers don’t spend much money on books. I have heard that ALL the time. That bloggers get so many books in the mail, we don’t have to buy any. And all I’m thinking, I buy plenty. I spend lots of money on books, giveaways, etc.


In the end, this experiment is for all the bloggers out there who support readers/authors everywhere. Although my spending habits aren’t the same as yours, we are alike in what we do.


*Please note that I will have a widget on my side bar with my monthly total so far*


Wish me luck!


Happy Reading and Happy New Year!!

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