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Review: Tempest

Tempest - Jenna-Lynne Duncan

I read the first book Hurricane and enjoy it. This is a novella, so it goes back before Hurricane following events that lead up to it. It’s also has much more information on both guys.


Plot: If you have read Hurricane then you will certainly enjoy this. It’s gives plenty of more insight on emotions and thoughts from all the characters. I really enjoyed being in Hayden’s mind and seeing what he is thinking for once. A little more history is explained on Hayden and exactly what he is dealing with.


Ending: Pretty much, this story covers plots and stuff left out in Hurricane that you might of miss. It also carries plenty of drama, (fights/arguments between Hayden and his brother) of course, so its keeps the reader entertained. It’s also short, so any reader can finish this pretty fast.


Bottomline: It’s good. I finished this book fairly fast and feel quickly back into the story as if I never left.  If you read Hurricane, I would say you can read this, but you don’t really need to. Though, there are a few tidbits exposed that you may want to know. For a first time reader, this story is good start to a series if you interested in it.

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