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Review: Nomad

Nomad - J.L. Bryan

Sometimes I read books that are soo good, that I wonder why didn’t I pick up the book sooner? Why??? Now, when it comes to reading time travel, I’m very picky with it.


Mainly because if the plot does not flow right, the plot can become confusing with a bunch of details with the story going absolutely no where. In Nomad, that is not the case.  This story carries the plot right, and time travel is of essence.


Plot: Time Travel. Who does not like time travel? I adore this plot. Moving fast and intriguing, Nomad is freaking awesome. The gist of the plot is this: there is a girl sent back in time to kill a horrible dictator that will take over the world and all of humanity. Of course with author JL Bryan, you know that this plot is much more complicated that that. Believe me when I say, that you will fall for it.


Love: This love is so unexpected and completely took me over. Seriously, best plot twist ever!!! Just sayin’.


Ending: I have to admit that this ending is pretty amazing. JL Bryan fits all the pieces nicely into a ending that is complete and explained. If anything, I enjoyed the book so much, I wanted more. It completely blew me away. Pure genius.


If you can’t tell, I’m in love with this story. It’s fast and fierce, blowing everything you knew about time travel away. Nomad races across the pages, coming to life right before the reader eyes.  Harmonizing a fantastic plot and explosive characters, Nomad is  stupendous.

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