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Review: Incubus

Incubus: The Daughters of Lilith: Book 2 - Jennifer Quintenz

So since the first book blew me away, I knew I had to read the sequel. At first, the story seems fine. Then I hit the last few chapters.

Mind Blown!


Plot: If you have not read the first book,  I strongly suggest you do. This story carries over with what happened in the first book. It’s action packed, lots of great plot twists and turns. Nothing is ever boring nor confusing. I fell right back into the story as if I never left. It’s just really awesome.


Love: This love is soo complicated. And no, it has nothing to do with another guy. It’s just the situation that their in. Braedyn has to watch her back for everything. They can never have any small amount of peace for fear that Braedyn might hurt someone. It’s like it within her reach yet soooo far away. And because of this, it leaves Braedyn desperate for a change…


Ending: Braedyn struggling in who she is and what she wants really takes over this story. I felt her emotions just charging at taking that chance of life that she never thought she get. And then when it all slipped out of her hands…NOOOOOOOOO! Ugh. Heart broken. The ending really did a number on me. Not only in my head but my heart. What just happened here? And why didn’t I see that coming???


It’s awesome. If anything this story just begs to be read. It’s combines some great fantasy elements with everyday struggles of a teenager. It’s also carries over so much emotion that you feel invested in the characters. It’s makes me feel so sad about that ending and how I need the next book already. Incubus is a successful sequel that really took me for a wild ride. Strong and entertaining, Incubus is fantastic.

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