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Review: Dare Me

Dare Me - Parker Blue

This series s what I like to call a diamond in a rough. Precious and not very well known, I have fallen in LOVE with this series. For fans of Vampire Academy and Mythos Academy, you will enjoy this book.


Plot: So, this is a series and this is the 5th book i the series. I have been following it since the first time I discovered it and look forward to every book released since. So, with that said the plot once again moves in so may dramatic ways. Val is fighting for life and is once again, fighting for the guy she loves. I like that the plot is never boring but always entertaining. Either by sarcastic comments or cray dog conversations, I totally enjoyed being immersed is this book.


Love: What is it with Val finding a bunch of jerks? I want Val to find someone worthy of her cause to be honest those guys that she sees are soooo not good enough. Val doesn’t think highly of herself. She…well Val is Val. She need someone strong and capable like her. Like the sexy cowboy who keeps coming in her life. (wink,wink)

Ending: I think the ending is very good and can carry on to another book. Which I’m totally excited about. I’m hoping that Val can find some peace and LOVE that is stable and not from her dog Fang. Fang, I love that dog. He is so funny and keeps Val in check.


If you haven’t check out this series you should! It’s very good with lots of great action and characters. This is a great addition to the series and I can not wait to see what happens next. Dare Me is awesome!

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