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Review: Ashes To Ashes

Ashes to Ashes - Melissa C. Walker

Wanting something different, I picked up this book. I adored other books written by this author and wanted to see what this book could offer. Everyone, it was AWESOME!!


Plot: The plot begins with the author giving a good and quick back round on the main character Callie. As the reader, we see how she lives her day to day life and the events that lead up to it ending. I like that even in the first few chapters their are subtle hints of foreshadowing and emotions that I picked up on. And right away, I was hooked. I finish this book late into the evening and wanted more.


Love/Friendship: This is the main heart of the story since it focuses on a love that is cut short. As the reader, we see the great friendship that Callie had with her best friend. Their moments of small talk, advice and things they did together really shows how good their friendship was. On the other hand, the boyfriend is well…don’t want to say too much but I get it.


Ending: Initially, I was going to give this book a 4. Then I read the last chapter. I have not had a good shock in a book that swept the rug out from under me so yes. After my jaw-dropped and my mind reeled, it became a 5. That ending sealed the deal.


Ashes To Ashes combines great elements with an amazing plot, bringing the reader to an epic story. The deeper the reader goes into the story, the more real it becomes. Ashes To Ashes give strength for a sequel, should there be one and I, for one, would love to read it. A huge success that took my by surprise, Ashes To Ashes is an success.

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