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Review: Once We Were

Once We Were - Kat Zhang

Picking up where the last book left off, the sequel brings lots of truth that all must face.


Plot: Now the they are on the run, Eva must survive. She is considered unstable and dangerous. I particularly enjoyed this book because of the hard time that is faced. Eva is now joined  with other hybrids who are also in hiding.  Learning that there are others and the trouble that they face, Eva/Addie have a lot to learn. The ending is good and leaves me with wanting more.


Love: Now this has got to be the weirdest thing ever. Fighting with the other person inside of you and finding yourself in someone’s bed with no reconciliation in how you got there because the other person in your head is in control. Yeah, these little parts made me laugh. The love interest is always interesting, giving the fact that there are two people in one body. Oh the possibilities.


Ending: Yeah, the ending with all the revelations leaves me giddy. I can’t wait to see how it will all end. Especially now that new information has surfaced.

I think this is a great sequel that lives up to the first book.  The perfect plot of hybrids coming together as one, the building of the world of a strict government, the story has great tension. Always throwing out a new plot twist, Once We Were is entertaining and delightful.

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