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Review: The Promise Of Amazing

The Promise of Amazing - Robin Constantine

If you know me, then you’ll know how much I love a good romance. Especially one that alters the lives of the people that you least expect….yourself.


Plot: I adored this plot. Layed out nicely, with a touch of realism, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this book. Every turn of the page, lead me to a deeper knowledge of the characters and where they are leading. The way that Wren and Grayson lives collided in such a dramatic way, I knew to expect nothing but greatness when it comes to these two. Watching their perspectives change, is the best part. Growth in the character along with the plotting of the past coming back to haunt them, makes this story even better.


Love: Who doesn’t love a rich guy/down to earth girl fall in love? I adored Wren and the way she made Grayson questions things. He was so stuck in his ways, so stuck with the idea of “nothing is going to change. I ruined everything.” Wren gave him that hope. She helped him see past his errors and made him worthy of himself. And of course in time, they fell in love. Oh and not to mention, Wren did save his life.


Drama: One of the best areas of the book is fighting the past. Grayson has done some bad things and has been dealt a bad set of cards. He plays it off as if it is nothing but he really is worried about how his life will end up. Sometimes the past can hurt. And having Wren by Grayson’s side, it helps him alleviate that pain. Or rather, face it.


This is a great book that I highly enjoyed. Addicting from the start, The Promise Of Amazing is a successful story of love and forgiveness. Smart and engaging, The Promise Of Amazing is awesome.

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