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Review: Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

High fantasy is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres. Surpassing all my expectations, I adore this book!


Plot: This plot moves quickly yet it has so much to get into. From emotions ranging from happy to anger, fights that lead to the death and an ultimate betrayal that will make you gasp, this plot does not let up. There is no stopping once you read this book. All the sarcastic comments, fights, and love is forever etched into my mind like a movie that I want to rewind and watch again. I read this book driving up to the Houston Book Rave. My husband was driving and bored so he ask me what I was reading. I told him, describing scene by scene. Before we knew it, we had this back and forth thing going where I would read a few chapters then fill him in. At one point he was like, “Are you done yet? Tell me what happen!” And I’m like,”Dude! I’m reading as fast as I can!” And he’s all like,” Well hurry up! I want to know if she is going to kill the guy!” Then he asked me several times if it is a movie. I told him no. He made a sad face.


Love: O.M.G. This part is another amazing areat of the book that I totally felt invested in. I think the full range of emotions that the author gives the reader makes it easy to feel invested. I knew the characters. Celaena is my type of gal. Kick-butt and strong, she doesn’t play around or take crap from anyone. She tells it how it is and her threats aren’t threats. There are promise that she will fulfill whatever she says. Watching this love form between Calaena and the guy is like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion. It starts off good, then goes faster and then the crash. Oh man, the crash. When I read that scene, I actually put my face in the book and said,” NOOOOOO!” I really hope that things can be fixed but Calaena is tough girl and doesn’t forgive easily. But just so you know, I”m anxious for the next book already.


Ending: You think after reading soo many heavy revelations that the author will give an easy ending right? HECK NO! The ending not only ripped me to shreds but HOLY CRAPOLA!! That revelation stunned me like a statue. I’m pretty sure I re-read the last page several times just to make sure I read that scene correctly. The author did a beautiful job, connecting every piece of the puzzle slowly but at the right time. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW PLEASE!


Crown Of Midnight is an dashing story you don’t want to miss. A perfect fantasy that is easy to divulge in, Crown Of Midnight matures into a blooming story setting the bar high for the next book. Slick and action-packed, Crown Of Midnight is full of win!!

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