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Review: How To Love

How to Love - Katie Cotugno

This story captures the best thing in life. Love. I don’t think I read such a story that captivates the reader with such conviction in forgiveness and love.


Plot: Life sucks. Sometimes bad things happen. This plot is real and down to earth. It captures the reader with the anger of what happen in the past. It pulls the reader past all the mistakes and towards a place where the characters find peace and love. I can’t even tell you how much I loved this book. It is written so beautifully with real emotions and situations that I believe anyone who reads it can relate to it.


Love: How can you love someone after all the mistakes are made? I think this question answers itself. We love with love. No matter what mistakes are made, once that bond is forged you love them no matter what. I adored how well this story captured every part of love. It even captured the anger, the hurt, the unforgiviness and the bitterness it came along with it. Reena learned to love selflessly and let things go despite all what happen. Reena’s growth throughout the story gives the reader a full bloom of lost and love. It just amazing.


Ending/Forgiviness: There is a saying that says,” You can let your past mistakes make you better or bitter.” And with Reena, it made her better. She took what happen in the past and moved on. She learned to let go of all the anger that she held and learned to love again. Not only for her but for her daughter. She is selfless in every action and I adore her. That is one of strongest these you can do. Learning to love after being hurt.


If you love a true romance, one with mistakes and anger, read How To Love. This story captivates the essence of love and learning to move on. How To Love is an awe-inspiring story that is powerful and gripping. A bold story that is hugely rewarding, How To Love is amazing.

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