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Review: Warrior

Warrior  - Ellen Oh

Continuing from the first book, this book picks up right where the last one ends. It has so much action, I LOVE IT!


Plot: So this plot moves on with Kira leading the fight and moving on. Many trials come against Kira, leaving her to become even stronger. I really like how each chapter, the reader is able to know Kira more. She becomes just what the titles says, a warrior.

Love: Now this area is an area I wish would develop some more. There is a love interest but I feel like the reader just gets a taste of it. Little flirtation here and there and really, I yearn for this stuff. I wanted more to come along but something always happen leaving the love right where it is. Moving very slowly…


Ending: I do love however how well this book ended. It ended with enough drama and secrets to make me want the next book.  I look forward to reading how the series will conclude. The ending does pose some questions but I’m hoping that in the next book, this questions will be addressed.


If anything, I’m pumped and excited for the next book! I’m ready for that love interest to soar (pretty please)! Warrior is a strong sequel carrying the reader into admirable characters and action. A powerful story that captures fantasy well, Warrior is great.

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