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Review: No One Else Can Have You

No One Else Can Have You - Kathleen  Hale


Another well crafted story that I enjoyed, full of mystery and drama, this story is good.


Characters: I’m going to start off with the character since they themselves have so much to tell. What would you do if your entire friendship is a lie? Kippy faces the unforeseen death of her “best friend” only to be given her journal. A journal that tells horrific and detailed things Ruth did as well as her true feelings toward Kippy. I have to admit that reading these diary entries made me feel like, Who was Ruth anyway? She meant so much to Kippy but everything that Ruth said and did is all a lie. Throughout the story, Kippy’s greatest asset is growth. From the reading the first page of the diary to the last, Kippy overcame many fears and doubts about herself, proving herself otherwise. She learns Ruth’s true colors allowing her to solve Ruth’s mystery murder. The other character is Ruth’s brother. He too, I felt, didn’t really know his sister as he thought he should. Still, there were a few things about Kippy that he knew his sister knew. Both of these characters are flawed yet they need each other to solve the mystery and move on.


Mystery: I love going on a mystery. I love it even more, piecing the pieces together. Every chapter gave more diary details which lead to more clues. I did my best to piece together the mystery before the author reveal it to the reader and yet, I didn’t catch on till the last few chapters. Well done Ms. Hale! This author did a fab job in portraying lies on top of lies, full of  drama and of course a girl with dark secret. Every secret revealed only made me want to know Ruth. Want to know who the real girl was. The girl in the diary was nothing that Kippy described. This girl was someone different. It was great to read and have the  reader watch it unfold before their eyes.


Friendship: Despite all the things Ruth said about Kippy, Kippy remained a good friend till the end, solving Ruth’s murder. Even though the friendship that Kippy thought they had was not even close to what Ruth saw, she became a better friend and person by sticking by Ruth’s side. In the end, Kippy is a way better person and friend than Ruth ever was.


This is a fantastic book! Entailed with lots of good mystery and drama, No One Else Can Have You overtakes the reader. A well written mystery that is powerfully charged with emotion, No One Else Can Have You is intense and chaotic. A white-knuckle mystery that moves with passion, No One Else Can Have You is great.

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