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Review: Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

I picked up this book because of the controversy surrounding it and cause I read the synopsis and KNEW, just knew that I would love it. And you know what? My gut was right. Not only did I adore it but it address issues in a way I never seen before.


Plot: The thing with people is that, it could be happening right in front of their eyes and yet they are still blindsided to what is going on right underneath their nose. People don’t want to address issues because they fear of what they know is true. This plot for example is not fun. It’s a hard issues to address and even harder to live it. Eleanor is growing up in a broken home, with broken parents. She is all alone and the one person that should protect her doesn’t. Instead, whatever happens to Eleanor it’s her fault. She meets Park. A young man who has been lucky to grow up in a better household. Throughout the friendship, both get to see both sides of a loving and harsh family. Both experience true love and friendship in a way most don’t.  They are tied together with secrets and hurt that they can not possibly fix. Or can they?


Love/Friendship: I adore this relationship because of their flaws and differences that brings them together.  They are able to bond over stolen moments of peace and clarity. They have a chance of saving each other. And that’s folks is the best friend. The one who would sacrifice everything for the sake of the other.


Family: Family plays a big role in both Eleanor & Park’s life.  The both get to experience the good and bad sides of family. Eleanor especially finds peace in what she thought she never have. She gets this chance, to run away and to be a part of something bigger.  The bad side of family is too ugly to talk about. Reading it alone made my blood boil. But having this author address such a sensitive issue in a creative and artistic way is beautiful.


Sexual/Physical Abuse: Well, if you haven’t guess it by now this is what this story entails. It’s dark and gritty yet you can’t turn away. Once you start the story, you are immediately  invested in these characters. I wanted nothing more but to reach inside the story, pull the characters out and save them. Watching them struggle with each chapter as it progressed into a monster just made me cry. I cried. SO. HARD. I cried.

Ending: There are books that give endings and there are books that give ENDINGS! This ending is just so bittersweet, you can’t help but cry even more. When Parker gets that last note, it not only made me smile but it left me at peace. The story was over and you know what? It turned out okay.


I can’t even begin to express how amazing and awesome this book is. It gives you hope when you lost it. It touches issues in such a dark, crazy way that is nail biting yet sensational. It gives the reader first hand a gripping and intense ride in such a big real issue. Eleanor & Park is carefully crafted into a one of kind story that you can’t put down.  Dramatic and exciting, every chapter excels the next, giving the reader a mind blown sensation. Ruthless and impressive, Eleanor & Park is extraordinary.

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