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Review: Snapshot

Snapshot - Angie Stanton

Since I enjoyed the first book so much, I didn’t hesitate in picking up the second book. It is clear that all the Jamieson Brothers have a clear voice.  But for me, this story didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would.


Characters: My problem with this book was the characters. For me, there wasn’t much intimate moments where the reader can really get into the characters shoes. Instead both Adam and Marti began their relationship with half-truths, and never really getting to the bottom of things. They allowed others people or stuff  to do the revealing  for them. However, after reading the first book, you can tell that each brother has their own personality that makes them unique. They each have their moments that brings the brothers together yet sets them apart. Some are more mature than others. Nevertheless, they are always they for each other.


Love: Because of the lies that were told, their love felt a bit rushed. One moment they are yelling at each other and the next their making goo-goo eyes.  Rushing their love disappoints me. I love romance. And I hope that they would have precious moments to themselves that i can enjoy. It’s why I adore contemporaries so much.


Drama: One good thing this book does contain is a great amount of drama within themselves and family. Both come from musical families with siblings, so they have a better understanding of each other. (I mean, they are so similar there was no reason to lie in the first place but whatever) still, these two definitely connect on levels with each other. The family aspect in this book I adore. There aren’t much YA books that use family as a strong hold. Bravo!


Overall, I enjoyed this book.  Snapshot takes the reader into an original but different Jamieson brother. Compelling with drama and great family dynamics, Snapshot refocuses on making mistakes and falling in love.  With effective real issues that any reader could relate to, Snapshot is great.

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