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Review: Daylighters

Daylighters (Morganville Vampires, # 15) - Rachel Caine

Before I get into this review, I want to exclaim how amazing this series is. Despite what I’m going to say, I would totally re-read the entire series. I have been reading this series since 2007. Way before I was even a blogger. An employee recommended it to me and ever since then, I have been hooked. Every new book I had to get immediately. Not to mention that I know Morganville like the back of my hand. So to see this book end is pretty sad for me. I don’t want to end. Here we go…


Ending: I’m going to start with the ending. Every book in Morganville has been leading up to this. Their freedom and I have to say that I’m disappointed with the way that is ended. It did end how I expected it to be but I wanted more…..more umph. SOO much build up went into the last few books that I really expected more.  There are some unexpected plot turns that I’m not very happy with. (Hint: Michael) That is all I’m saying.

The Glass House Gang: These characters never fail me. I will always adore walking the streets of Morganville with Michael, Eve, Claire and Shane. They deserve much happiness with all the craziness they went through and I’m happy that they ALL got their happy ending.


Vampires: I wonder if Ms. Caine has any ideas for a spin-off with the vamps. I think all this vamps lead interesting lives that I would totally enjoy reading books based on Amelie or Oilver's past . Or even their new lives in Morganville.


After reading all the books, I can say this book is great. It  gives the reader one last adventure in Morganville. Daylighters is another passionate tale of survival of the fittest. Loyalties are tested and allies are made. An amazing addition, Daylighters is successful.

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