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Review: The Faerie Ring

The Faerie Ring -

 I can’t began to tell you how much I love stories such as this one. Stories filled with a great plot, amazing characters and best all, great fantasy. What really got me hooked about this book is the great story line. I loved that it began fast, fresh, and pick pocketing??? I was immediately hooked as the reader and fell into Tiki shoes. The story line is filled with non-stop action, twist and turns, and several surprises that even I failed to see.


The main character Tiki, I love her. Her strength amazed me. Her selflessness awed me. I loved how she protect the ones that she loved and never gave up. She did what she had to do and that made my heart turn. Tiki also has a few surprises in her own back round history that as the reader, I found it a great element added to the story. I like it when a character is lost in who they are and them BAM! They figure out that they a greater then what they thought.


The fantasy in this book is at a great level. Not too much Fae, not too little. I loved reading the story and devouring the history of the Faerie Ring. I, the reader, was immediately intrigue by such a story that it really seemed liked I was in the story fighting to keep the ring safe. Now when an author can make me feel like I am Tiki stealing, fighting, and running past enemies, you know that this is a great book.


My only gripe is the love interest. I know most of you know me and I am sucker for romance. I say that all of time. The romance in this book is not at the level I expected it to be. For me it was like they just meet, and fall in love. I was really hoping for more between these two people.


Overall, The Faerie Ring is one heck of a debut. I simply adore reading every inch of the book and falling into Tiki shoes. I must say that the Fae history is so good in the book that you devouring every bit it.

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