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Review: Imaginary Girls

Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma

When I first got this book, I was super excited to read it. I knew that this book would be completely different from any other book out there, and I was right!


Imaginary Girls is one totally creeped out book. As I began this book and read more in to it, I got goosebumps. The storyline is something unique that it took me by surprise. I loved how the storyline built up to something the reader never expected it to be. As the Chole discovers what Ruby did,  my heart was racing! I really liked how Chole figured everything out. She was sneaky about it and even scared of her own sister at times. Heck, I was scared of Ruby!


The story line of this book is what made this book. I really like how Ruby made such a sacrifice to save her own sister but of course at a deadly cost. As I continued to dive deeper into this book and realized what Ruby did, I think all the hair stood up on the back of my neck. But it also made me wonder why Ruby did what she did in the first place. The story line flowed well, pace well, and built up to an amazing ending. The ending of the book was shocking but I knew something had to be done in order for it to balance out.


Imaginary Girls is a great book! As the reader, the elements in the book, spookiness, mysteries, secrets, really come out in the wonderful writing that Ms. Suma presented. It none other than grab the reader, drowning them in the reservoir of Ms. Suma’s world that she created!

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