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Review: Across The Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

What a way to see the future! This book was not only a quick read for me but amazing detail of the future. Amy frozen in time and is waiting to be awaken in the future.After being asleep for almost 250 years she is suddenly awakened and almost dies in her chamber. Elder is there to save her but it is not over yet. Something is wrong with the ship.


I must say I did enjoy the book. The way Ms. Revis wrote in amazing detail describing the future is great to read. Her characters were likable and I am able to read the book and get into it quickly.


Amy is completely different in the ship. She is an outsider. Everyone looks the same except for her. But she does not allow anyone to stop her. She is strong willed and is able to see quickly what is wrong with the ship. It’s not the ship but the people. Now this bomb I expected but the way it played out was WOW! So many things that are wrong and they way things are is just……it blew my mind away.


I loved that Elder knew that there had to be a change. Even before Amy he knew something was not right. I like his willingness to fight and to do what is right. He had a hard position to handle but I have no doubt in my mind he would do a great job.

My only gripe was the constant POV switches and the slow build up. Every chapter had enough build for the next but I of course wanted a little more.


Across the Universe is a great dyspotian book with amazing futuristic detail. Ms. Revis debut is written with good clarity and an easy read. This book is one that everyone can enjoy.

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