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Review: 10 Things We Did (And Probably Souldn't Have)

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski
I have to admit that when I started this book, I did not intend to finish it in one sitting. I thought I read a couple of chapters and save the rest for tomorrow. What really grab me about this book is the main character, April. She is a unique teenage girl that goes through so much and grows up before the readers eyes. What I like most about her is the way that she handled things. Yes, she did a whole lot of wrong things, but she learned from her mistakes and move on from it.
What I also like about this book is the serious talk of sex in it. Now, normally for me, this is too much. But I really like how Ms. Mlynowski handled the situation of sex in this book. Not only did April encounter sex in this book, but she learned the responsibilities of sex and the consequences of it. I like how April took care of herself by going to Planned Parenthood, getting check, tested, and prepared. I do not condone sex out of marriage, but if you are doing to it, at least be smart about it.
April as well as her friends go through a lot  but learn so much. They had planned thinking that it was going to easy to be alone, with no parents. Then reality hit. They had to face up to their mistakes and take responsibility like an adult. I think this a great book about growing up and learning things the hard way. Their is lots of sex (implied), drinking, cursing, etc, but again without these element you will not be able to grasped the story as it should be grasped. I recommend this book for 18+.
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