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Review: Thr Iron Traitor

The Iron Traitor  - Julie Kagawa

My excitement for this book is beyond anything that I could imagine. Once I started this story, there was no turning back.


Plot: Stepping into the world that Ms. Kagawa made is really easy for me. Her world is so fascinating and easy to understand that steeping right into the story felt as if I never left. This story does pick up where the last book left off. Both Ethan and Kenzie are back and facing some consequences due to their last adventure. And just like his sister, once he got back into fairie there is no leaving it. The problems that arise in the story give the reader an adventure. Every chapter lead to more adventure all piecing together to an amazing story. Just know that this author rocks. That is all.


Love: I adore how well this love interest is progressing. It’s not forming fast but allows the reader to feel invested in Ethan and Kenzie. Like regular everyday couples, they deal with insecurity and fear. Just with a extra does of fairie. I do strongly believe that they adventures they have with each to other do bring them closer. The understand that life is short and plan to be on each others side no matter what. Their love is simple yet radiant. If anything, this love brings peace to the story where chaos brings excitement. It’s a perfect balance that I want more of.


Fairie: We’re off to the Nevernever and you know that in this place nothing is really easy. It all complicated with full of tricks and other things you must do in order to survive.  And when you have a fey nephew well, you must help. Ethan gets involved in helping Keirran and goes on a epic quest. The reader get to meets old characters like Razor and new ones. Going down this path is full of excitement! I’m going to stop there before I say too much and spoil it.


The Iron Traitor is an amazing epic adventure you don’t want to miss. Visually capturing the Nevernever with  great clarity, you can’t help but be enthralled. Displaying life as it is everyday along with awesome elements of fantasy, The Iron Traitor is the perfect story to loose yourself in. A thrilling ride of excitement and adventure, The Iron Traitor is superb.

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