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Review: Shadows

Shadows - Robin McKinley

Taking a chance in reading a new authors work, I found this plot to be somewhat confusing.


Plot: This story begins in the shoes of Maggie, a young teenager who is not happy that her new stepfather is not what he seems. At first, this plot confused me cause I thought that Maggie was making up thing about her new stepdad since she didn’t really like the idea of her mom getting married. Furthermore into the story, the plot later reveals that there are many worlds in the world that this author is writing in. After getting that little bit of information, I found it a bit easier to understand the plot.


Friendship/Love: Once it is revealed about the Oldworld, there are a few characters who are more than what they seemed. Throughout the story, they help Maggie and her family through the struggle of governmental battle. Meeting Casmir, helps Maggie look at things different than being biased all the time. Casmir is good for Maggie cause he himself harbor’s secrets that in the end, help Maggie in who she is.


Ending: I sort of knew this part was going to happen being that well…when reading a story like this with magic and power struggle it always seems to come out this way. Maggie’s mom has been keeping certain things secret. A secret that will change Maggie. I enjoyed the dramatic ending cause it gave the story a completion.


Shadows is good story that follows magic and power. The chucky part of Maggie’s angst does throw off the reader a bit. Utilizing great detailing towards the middle of the story, the reader is then immerse in a whole new world. Nicely written with great evolving characters, Shadows is good.

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