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Review: Confessions Of An Almost-Girlfriend

Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend - Louise Rozett

 Since I really  enjoyed the first book, I knew I had to read this one.  It had so much plot and emotion that at the end of the book I didn’t even know how to process it.


Plot: Rose life is pretty much one big giant ball of drama. She is facing lost of a parent as well as lost of love. This plot held up its own with such creativity. It really felt like real life action. Not over done drama but stuff that people deal with everyday.  It propelled with deep sentiments in friendship as well as character growth in Rose.


Love:  At first, I felt so bad for Rose. No matter what she said or didn’t say it always came back to bite her in the butt. After finishing the book, I come to realize it’s not Rose. It’s the people around her. The one that she loves does not have his priority straight therefore, Rose got the brute of himself. He always stood up for other people but never Rose. WHY DUDE WHY? In the end, Rose finally takes control of what she wants. Another words, she is tired of being dealt the crappy hand and is not having it anymore. To see Rose put her foot down and stand up for herself (since everyone she loved fail to do it) she became someone new. I can not wait to read more of that Rose.


Ending: *Sigh* Although the ending is not a cliff ending, it breaks my heart. Rose is once again trap in the middle and getting blamed. I’m hoping in the next book Rose 2.0 will come out and put people in their place cause I’m done watching her be a meek Rose.  And the dude? Yeah, he best BEG for Rose forgiveness!!


A riveting tale that succeeds in creating a solid sequel, Confession Of An Almost-Girlfriend is amazing. Capturing a coming of age tale with great clarity, Rozett’s well crafted tale of an angry yet evolving teenage girl is sensational.  Superbly written, Confession Of An Almost-Girlfriend is awesome.

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