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Review: How I Lost You

How I Lost You - Janet Gurtler

Being in the front row sit watching your friendship of years crash and burn before your eyes sucks. I know, cause I’ve been there before. It was horrible and its something I don’t ever want o go through again. This is why I related to the book so much. It kept me in a constant state of  obsession, just wanting to continue reading till the very last page.


Plot: Two friends, who have known each other forever. All it takes is one little change and BOOM! There it all goes. I enjoyed the way the author created such a solid life long relationship only to have it unravel piece by piece in front of the reader. The best part, I couldn’t stop it. As I watch each girl move away from each other, accuse each other, and turn there backs on each other, it kept me in my seat. This plot gives the reader a rare and probing plot that you fall into quickly.


Friendship/Boys: Both characters, Grace and Kya are two different girls.  They are so different that I kept wondering what was holding their friendship together. Grace mostly followed Kya. Kya was in a league of her own. A strong, independent girl who is tough and kind be somewhat dangerous. Grace is a good girl who wants to go places. Kya gives her that push but she also holds Grace back. These  girls also face drama with boys.  Let’s just say in the end, I really dislike Kya.


Letting Go: Sometimes when you held on to something for so long, you’ve got to let it go. No matter what you do to go back to the old days, the hurt, the betrayal, the anger is all still there. Moving on is for the best. And so, watching this friendship end is hurtful. I hoped that they make up but in reality something has got to change.


How I Lost You is a precise portrait of how some friendships in. They become toxic and hurtful. What was once something these friends felt relaxed in, became something they didn’t even recognize.  The detailed examination of how these girls lost each other hugely impacts the readers emotions. Thoroughly entertaining, How I Lost You is fabulous.

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