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Review: Losing Hope

Losing Hope  - Colleen Hoover

If you haven’t read Hopeless, you should go do right this second! It is an amazing and awe-aspiring book that will move your heart!


Plot: This story is told from Holder’s point of view. If you think that this story is just “being told again” your wrong. It’s very different and very moving. This time, the reader sees what Holder went through the day Sky disappeared. The heartbreaking truth of what he face both on and off camera and how it affected his sibling. I start this book and read it in one sitting.


Love/Friendship: Holder and Sky go way back. I tend to enjoy friendships that turn into young love because they already have a foundation built. Watching Holder meet Sky again and seeing him struggle with the truth made my heart race. He got angry, I got angry. He wanted to be done with it and so did I. I saw things from a new perspective and it gave me a better understanding of Holder and who became. Several times in Hopeless, I was angry at Holder. This time, the picture is painted clear.


Secret: Well if you read the first book then you KNOW the big secret. I have to say the thought of  yelling,” HOLDER! Just tell her already!!” ran through my mind over and over again. I want to spill the beans!! But, I have to be patient. If anything Holder was bidding his time, taking Sky’s well-being into account not wanting to mess up anything for her. And that folks, made me love him even more. Despite the secret he is carrying on his shoulders, he dealt with it rationally, thinking of every single effect it would bring should he spill the secret too early or too late.


Take it from me and read the book. A steadfast story that has the heart of the reader in its hand, Losing Hope is profound. The eagerness to look away from the past and move forward, carries the reader into a hope founded on pure love. A phenomenal conclusion that you should not past up, Losing Hope is dynamic!

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