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Review: Found

Found - Alyssa Rose Ivy

A series that I have thoroughly enjoyed, I found this story typical and but an okay read.


Plot: I’ve been here before. After reading the first two books in the series, nothing much has change. There is still the power struggle, the drama with the unanswered questions and of course the uncertainty of Levi and Allie’s relationship. Half way through the book, things finally peaked up with a bit of different plot turns with character betrayals.


Love: Honestly, after Allie playing the “hard to get card/I’m going to college/Not getting married young” rant, I’m glad that she FINALLY chose something. I was getting a little frustrated with always holding Levi back. Now that both are on the same page, their relationship moves forward at a great pace that gave me some closure since the story was about to end. Though I wished, I could have basked in their romance a bit more. If you ask me, I felt like their relationship moved a little too fast in this story. It was like the author was trying to play catch up, getting them to FINALLY love each other and then BAM! FIGHT!


Secret Society: One thing I really enjoyed is getting to know more about Levi and his people. Allie is thrown into a world  that has great history. I loved being in Allie’s shoes, learning every bit about these people. Allie herself, even learn more about why she is so drawn to Levi and his people. This part is very fun and entertaining.


Found is an okay read that closes well. The fast-paced love along with a throwback to history, Found is good.

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