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Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2)

Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2) - Dangerous things begin to lurk in Linger. People are starting to suspect about the woods and that makes it very dangerous for the wolves. Let me just say that the title to the book Linger fits the book well.Linger is exactly what happens in this book. This book is told from four different people point of views, Grace, Sam, Cole,and Isabel. I absolutely loved her. Her point of views were hilarious! Linger is one of those rare books that actually has you invloved as you read it. You feel connnected, like you are the characters watching and feeling everything that is happening. Since Maggie wrote this in four different POV's, I was able to get a great insight of the story from all sides, not just one.So the linger is what happening. Grace is suddenly struck ill and is more than sure she is changing. Sam is waiting to see if at any moment he will change too. Cole is waiting just for well something, anything. He was such a great character. He was someone who wanted this life, not the one he was living, but something different. He was tired of his old life and wanted a new one. Sam couldn't grasp that at all. He kept wondering why would anyone choose this. Some things are meant for people while others are not. They all seem to Linger in doubt. Linger about what was going to happen next, if and when they will be here.Things begin to get tense between Sam and Grace in their relationship. Grace's parents step in, causing a strain in their relationship. Grace also hold secrets from Sam, while a new relationship grows between Isabel and Cole. I like that fact that this is book is what it is, Linger. Everything is about watching and waiting to see what happens next. Maggie did such a wonderful job pulling all of this together. I enjoyed every minute of reading this. I loved getting a bit more insight in the relationship between Sam and Grace. Now I see more about their love and how they feel about each other. Maggie also writes more about Sam's past, which also give us more insight to him as well.Linger is a great sequel. Written beautifully and simply amazing to read. I can't wait for the next installment of The Wolves of Mercy Falls. It was so good, I could hardly put it down. The book cover was a great design and the words were printed in green! Seriously? How cool is that? I never see that in a book, so thats a plus. Other than the fact that Maggie once again out did herself in writing the sequel, I couldn't be happier. *Big GRIN*You should definitely pick up this book. It is a good read. Maggie, you definitely have me Lingered, watching and waiting for the next book :)