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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

13 to Life (13 to Life Series #1)

13 to Life - Shannon Delany Now this book had me intrigued from the very beginning. This werewolves story was not at all what I was expecting. Jessica our heroine is dealing with a lot of grief. Her mother recently passing away and the repercussions of that night have Jessica always in a whirlwind. A new boy Pietr, comes into town and Jessica is assigned to show him around. At first Pietr shows no interest in her, until she pulled out a worry stone she pulled out from his pockets. From there he shows major interest following her around relentlessly, never letting her out of his sight. Jessica is dumbfounded by his interest and get seem to figure out why that this type of boy, pretty and popular would even look at her. Jessica has a major crush on Derek for a while now. She holds on to the crush even hard, now that Pietr is around. But things don't go the way she wants them too. Her best friend Sarah is crushing on Pietr the same time she is. But Pietr likes her not Sarah. After all that Sarah and Jessica been through together, Jessica convinces Pietr to date Sarah sacrificing everything between. All the while things are getting stranger in Junction. I absolutely loved Jessica. Her character was real to me. I love how she was so unselfish doing things for others, helping others before herself. That is true character. Even when her heart was at stake, she wanted the best for her friend no matter what. Pietr was such a mysterious boy. A great character that left me wondering what was he was hiding. Shannon did a great job writing this book. I was hooked from the very beginning with the drama, realizations of the characters and their past. I loved how mysterious she played with in the story building it up just at the right time to reveal all the secrets. I like how she connected everything in the past that came to be in the future. It was like a prophecy being revealed. So perfect! This book had me laughing, gasping, and hurrying to read as fast as I can just so I can get to the juicy parts. I felt so involved in the story too. Even though I knew the secret, if felt good knowing that Jessica did not know. I just kept on reading waiting for it to come out. And the love! Who can forget the great love connection that is going on between Jessica and Pietr. I like how she build up their relationship with the trust of their secrets. Holding onto each other for comfort. I am so very interested in what will happen in the next book between these two, seeing that Pietr is still with Jessica's best friend! Dun. Dun. Dunnnnn!Shannon wrote a great book, great plot and just so many twist it was awesome. 13 To Life is an awesome summer read. It will you leave gasping for more. I know I did.