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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Something Like Fate

Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti We start in Part one going from April to May. “I never meant for it to happen like this” were the opening words. First thing I thought was, don’t we all. Some things just happen. For Lani, she just happen to fall in love with her best friends boyfriend! *GASP* We meet Lani who is a typical girl next door. She doesn’t think highly of herself and is always looking out for the best of others. Erin is Lani’s best friend. Erin is a natural born wild child. She loves everyone and just wants to have fun. When they were little, a tragic accident happen linking them together. Because of this Lani always feels she owes her life to Erin. Erin meets a boy names Jason. Erin immediately falls for him and knows that they are meant to be. Lani is supportive of her friends new found relationship and encourages her. Erin pursues Jason and soon they are a couple.The first time Lani and Jason meet sparks are flying everywhere. Erin is completely oblivious of this fact except for Blake, Lani’s other friends. He knew that they had something , as he says, “Like he wants to lick you up.” Oh my! Lani knows that they shouldn’t be having this conversation and is in denial. Through out the rest of part one, Lani tags along with Erin and Jason on different occasions . Lani even get some alone time with Jason getting to know him better, which Blake helps out for some, and suddenly, everything changes. Part two deals with Erin leaving for the summer leaving Lani and Jason alone. At first Lani avoids Jason. Her best friends is away at camp and it wouldn’t be fair to do that to her. I like this part of Lani. That she doesn’t want to betray her friend like that. Later Lani runs in to Jason at the supermarket, where he informs her that Erin and him broke up. Lani receives letters from Erin informing her of the breakup. Erin starts to write her about a new boy she met at camp. Now that her friend seemed okay with the breakup Lani thinks it was okay to be with Jason. From here on out Jason and Lani are inseperable. They spend the entire summer together. Doing everything they can. Jason teaches her how to swim, they eat ice cream and stay out all night for Fourth of July. Then Erin comes home…Part 3 deals with the repercussions of everything. Erin soons finds out and it all goes to hell for Jason and Lani. The whole school is ragging on Lani bad. They were hate sites put out about her. Others students walk by her calling names. But it was not only bad for Lani, it was bad for Blake and Jason. Blake had a secret. ;)( I won’t tell) but it comes out. He ended up not speaking to Lani because it was her fault it got out. Now Lani lost everything. She lost her best friend, her other friend Blake and the love of her life Jason. Jason is hurting too. He wants to be with her so badly but Lani doesn’t want to hurt Erin anymore than what she already has.In the end, things finally clear up for Lani. She was able to make things right with Blake and Erin. Erin was sorry for how she overreacted and knew that it was childish. Lani tries to make things right with Jason who expresses how hurt her was that Lani just ignored him. Jason and Lani walk the train tracks together.Susane Colasanti did an amazing job writing this book. I found myself cheering for Lani, to go with her heart and not care what everyone else thinks. You only find your true love once and that’s something you do not want to let go. Something Like Fate is great teen love story.