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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Forget You

Forget You - Jennifer Echols After days full of drama for Zoey she is struggling to stay strong. With her father problems spread everywhere and her mother's nervous breakdown over it, Zoey can't help but feel trapped. Trapped into the perfect daughter, doing everything she can to help matters. Zoey made some unwise decisions with Brandon leading her to assume other things.Then she starts speaking to Doug. A kid who has had it rough he whole life and hates Zoey. She last saw him at the football game looking loath at her and then the next morning he is all sweet. Zoey totalled her car in a car accident, that left her with amnesia. She doesn't remember what happen the night before. After her father threatens her, she lies about remembering the night before and sets off to seek her own answers as to what really happen that night.*SPOILER WARNING*This book started off already with major drama. I was immediately sucked into the whirlwind of it and felt bad for her. Her father cheats on her mother and whats worse he gets the girl pregnant. Zoey works for her father who owns a very popular water park and so now it is buzzing all of the place. Zoey feels horrible after what happen and made some unwise decisions. Zoey's mother could not take the stress of it all so she attempted suicide. Zoey walks in to find her mother is going to thankfully make it.Okay let me just say that I absolutely hated the father. He get the girl pregnant, Zoey and her mother leave the house moving into the apartment and then he move the girl in there with him. Whats worse is that the father is angry with Zoey after her mother's apparent suicide. Instead of consoling her at the hospital he walks in upset, yelling at her not to say a word of it to anyone. Poor Zoey is in such shock, she doesn't even know what to say. It's no wonder Zoey acted the way that she acted. He dad was a jerk. Then after Zoey's car accident, he blames her again, threatening that there really better be something wrong with her head if he is going to miss his honeymoon, if so he was going to put in the loony bin with her mom. Right there, my jaw drop. First off how can you say such a thing to your own daughter. This father was thinking of no one but himself. UGH!!!This book was great drama. Watching it unfold was something uncanny. I connected with Zoey on a very personal level. I too grew up with a father somewhat like that. He has a business and reputation to keep. He of course has girlfriends that are 24 yrs or younger and I am expected to treat them as such. Hello! I am just 25! They can be my freaking sister!!! Also even though my father has money and spends it on his girlfriend like there is no tomorrow, I have to work to earn my keep because he wants to teach me repsonablility. Believe me that is the last thing I learn from him.If you like a good book with lots of drama and gasping then this book is for you. For me is was personal and touching. I did connect with Zoey on many levels and felt her anger and pain. I can truly say that this is something that happen in real life's because it happen in mine. There was some curse words and some sexual scenes. I recommend for older teens. (18+)