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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Evercrossed (Kissed by an Angel)

Evercrossed - Elizabeth Chandler I loved this book. The plot immediately grabbed you and pulled you in. Ivy is looking forward to a great summer until a crash changed her life. She see's Tristan who give her the kiss of life. Ivy who should of been dead, is back. Now things have changed because Ivy seen Tristan knows that he is here, with her. Everyone seems to think that her brush with death made her hallucinate. She does her best to move on until she sees a strikingly beautiful blue eyes to someone who she once knew.Let me start off by saying that this book is so hard to read. If you read the first three books, you understand that the love between Ivy and Tristan is one of a kind. A love that last a life time. After losing him, Ivy moves on with Will, whom she loves. So in this book we see the relationship struggle with Ivy and Will. I admit that I rooted for Ivy and Will in the third book. Ivy had been through so much and Will took care of her. I knew that the love wasn't the same but it gave hope for Ivy that she can move on.The introduction to Guy really made me heart flutter and ache. While Ivy did her best not to hurt Will, I felt like Will deserved much better. She own him more than that. I was upset at her that she would just dropped him like that and pay attention to Guy. Now Guy was definitely a good and bad surprise. Good because he made Ivy happy. Bad because I had no idea that thing would happen like that. I was shocked and happy. But my heart ache for Will. Again, I was left with a cliff hanger which no doubtingly tick me off. Now I must want to see what happens next.