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Illusions (Laurel Series #3)

Illusions - Aprilynne Pike This is another one of my favorite series that I have followed from the very beginning. I remember standing in front of the bookshelf at the store and one of the employee's recommended it to me. I went home skeptical about it, but after a few pages in I was hooked! This is one of the first book that I have read about fairies where they aren't all the deceitful. The have a home. That they have honor. And their rules of life are still breaking ground in some issues.This book follows where it left off. Now, if you have haven't read the first two books I suggest you do.You will be able to catch up as you read this one, but it will take a while. What I like most about this book is the jealousy that is seething off the pages. Man, I love reading the narrow looks, the fists fights, and just plain good 'ol drama. My only gripe is Laurel's back and forth feeling decisions. I just want her to make her choice and be done with it!The plot went fairly well. There was some stuff going on with Avalon as well as the major stuff going on with Laurel. Laurel as usually does her best to juggle both life's that she is living, but you can clearly see how it gets in the way of everything. I think she may have to make choice as to which one she wants to live in. The line gets crossed in both of her life's and that causes major trouble. The ending is just wow! There was so much going on that I didn't even see it coming. The ending leaves the reader with your mouth hanging open and a big ??? I'm dying to know what happens! Illusions is great faerie book with lots of jealousy, angst, and lots of secrets sprouting out. Ms. Pike wrote an thrilling, captivating book that leaves me wanting more!