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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die/The Deep End of Fear

Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die; The Deep End of Fear - Elizabeth Chandler I am really getting into these books!In the first book, No Time to die, the reader see Jenny trying to figure out her sisters death. I enjoyed following Jenny learn things about her sister that she didn't know as well as figuring out what happen during her last days. Jenny went under a different name and played everyone like a guitar! She nosed around, ask questions, etc. It was really cool to find out who the killer was. But I would have never thought that it be something that happen so many years ago that brought trouble to Liza. It had a great twist and great mysterious to it.In, The Deep End of Fear, the reader follows along with Kate after her fathers passes to find out what he was hiding. Again, the reader follows Kate trying to figure out what happen with the whole family fall out and what was being hidden. I must admit that this family was being used and abused. I really admired Kate. Just like Jenny, she was strong minded and looked for answers. No, she demanded them. She wanted to know what was happening right now!In both books, the same element of a dark secret being hidden from the family for years comes back to haunt them. I like how both families were fueled by revenge to get back at someone who did have something to do with it but they didn't know. They were kids. I mean c'mon. You honestly expected them to pay for something they did when they were 3 yrs old. Old rich families come out of the dark to make them pay and in different ways that it was scary!