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But I Love Him

But I Love Him - Amanda Grace Domestic abuses is something that is on the rise and not talked about often. People think that when they see someone getting beat up by a spouse, significant other, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, that all you have to do it get out and your done with that person. They are so wrong on so many levels. It is not just about getting out. The emotional stress of the relationship, the devotion to help the person change, its always on the victim. They think it their fault, that there is no way out. It also makes it worse when you have kids. But then, you really have a connection with the abuser for the rest of your life and there is no way of getting out of that.I really enjoyed and connected with the character Ann. She knew this boy Connor and fell for him in the since of not so much pity but she wanted to help him. She had a heart for him and knew that he wouldn't be like his father. That he would be different. The thing is with this, hurt people..hurt people. Victims don't realize that they to will express angry, rage, and even hit because that is what they grew up with. I like that Connor fought himself. He knew what he what he doing was wrong and did what he could. But he did needed help.Ann I adored her. She stayed by his side giving each piece of her to him to help him in what ever way she can. She never left his side, but she herself was drowning in her own anger. I am glad that she had her mom and friends who reached out to her and let her know that whenever she is ready they will be there.For victims, reaching out is hard. As much as you love the person, you have to get away. Ann had such amazing strength throughout the whole story. I am glad that she made the right choice. This book is a great insight on what happens to domestic abuse victims. This shows ever flaw, every bit of hurt, rage, anger that lashes out. I loved how the reader, got a good idea of what not only what Ann was going through but Connor as well. And I don't care what anyone else says, Connor is victim too. He was raised this way, he saw beatings everyday. While I am glad that Ann made her choice, I can only hope that Connor gets help too.