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Stealing Bases: A Prettytough Novel

Stealing Bases - Keri Mikulski I just love this sports stories!! I really enjoyed this one cause it wasn't what I expected. Instead it throws several curve balls at me that I was dodging left and right. I really enjoyed the author, Ms. Mikulski shedding some light on Kylie, a character I read about in Head Games.One thing I enjoyed in this book is the main character, Kylie. I really like it when I read about a characters in one book then that character gets their own book. I loved getting to know Kylie and finally seeing things from her point of view. Kylie is not at all what I was expecting. In the last book Kylie was fierce and mean. But I like that the reader saw Kylie for who she really is. She is so much more than an athlete.The plot of this book has very simple elements, it is all it needs to be great! There is so much drama, family problems, boyfriend problems, that it keeps you entertain all the way till the very last page. What I especially loved about this book was that there was no love interest. Just Kylie finding herself and finally letting go. Sometimes we hold on to things for too hold without knowing what it is doing it us. Kylie has to recognize that in order for her to move on, to live a better free life, she had to let some things go. I just love it when a characters see's the light and come into who she is meant to be...just Kylie.Once again, Ms. Mikulski just a fantastic job on writing this series. I enjoyed reading each one and enjoy getting in the feel of the characters. I love learning about sport and the passion the characters have for it. I can't wait to read the next book. This is a series I hooked on and can't get enough of!