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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

Dark Parties

Dark Parties - Sara Grant For me, I flew through this book fast cause it was really easy to get into the book. At first when I started it, the reader is thrown in a world ruled by the government, forcing people to do what they want with threats. This book held a real significance for me cause I see one day the government control people like that. And that is scary. The plot line of this book is fast paced. The reader is thrown in the story, right into Neva shoes. She is rebelling. I like how Neva see things for what they really are. She refuses sex so that she doesn't bring a child a into the world that she is living in now. She ask dangerous questions, sneaks into dangerous places, and find things she wasn't suppose to see. I like how Neva fought for a way out, with only the little hope that she has left.One thing I also enjoy in books is where minor characters take on a bigger role than expected. Minor characters in Dark Parties took on something that caught me by surprise. The secrets, lust, and betrayals in the book all made for good entertainment. Some were expected while others made you gasp. The government aspect in this book is what got me hooked. It really grabbed my attention with the way the government ruled everything. Interrogations, Women control centers, newspapers, etc.The love interest in the book for me was not what I wanted. I like it when a characters fall in love but insta-love does not work for me. Although, I do like how complicated their relationship turned out to be. The drama with their friends, jobs, and families, made their relationship strain and get stronger.Dark Parties is a realistic book about a future that is all too true and is happening now. There is lots of fighting, action, drama, and great reading adventure into a world like no other. The writing of this book is easy to get into. Ms. Grant did a great job on taking the reader deeper into the dark. Fast paced and adventurous, Dark Parties is thrilling read.