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Bleeding Hearts: True love bites... (Drake Chronicles)

Bleeding Hearts - Alyxandra Harvey For fans of The Drake Chronicles, like me, this book will not disappoint you. If anything, it will toss you emotions around like a rollercoaster. This book dives deeper into the coven of the Drakes. More secrets are exposed, a new species comes to light and more importantly, a new love is formed.It never fails that every time I open up a book written by Ms. Harvey, I always smile. I adore her writing and the way she can bring her characters to life. This book picks up where it left off in the last book,m and I find myself roaming the halls of the Drake Mansion. The Drakes stress level is high due to some unforeseen happenings within their walls. I like that the plot is getting closer to what really is happening. At first it is all question and now the reader is getting more answers. The plot also involves some new romance and friendship drama.As the reader sees the Drakes, we step in 4 characters shoes. We have Lucy, Connor, Christabel, and Nicholas. Now I know this seems like a lot of point of view switches, but it all works out. Nothing is confusing. With each new character switch, the reader see's things differently, getting the answers we seek. The readers gets into friendship drama with Lucy and Solange. I would have never guess that it would get like this, but it does.The love interest of the book is high as possible can be. I love watching each brother find their soul mate and fighting for them. It's sweet, enduring, and never gets old. Each Drake brother is unique in who they are. When Connor finds Christabel, he puts everything that he know on the line for her. I adore Connor and his geeky ways!!!This book sets up the mood for the next book with such a explosive yet cliffy ending! I gasped and was angry at the fact that I will now have to wait to find out what happen. Ms. Alyxandra never lets me down with The Drakes. I can't wait to read the next book!!