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Infamous: Chronicles of Nick: Book 3

Infamous - Sherrilyn Kenyon What else can I say other that I am addicted to this series? With each new installment, I fall in love all over again!So what is new in Nick's world? Oh nothing just himself from the future coming to him to help not mess up for the one hundred million time, all the while every time he turns around he is on the brink of being killed, his mom is on him about his grades and school, plus he has work and a girlfriend he must attend too. WOO! Nick has been busy!The plot of the book unfold amazingly. With an introduction that entices the reader to keep going Nick must watch his every step. I adore how much Nick grew in knowledge. He is much wiser and much more careful with who he trusts. Nick has a great set of friends around him who helps him no matter what.I really adore how this book focuses more on Nick relationship with his mom. The reader learns more about his parents, especially about his father. I really loved this part. I wasn't expecting such a throw down but WOW MAMA!Infamous is an remarkable story that will capture any reader. With the big decision coming up soon, Nick will have to choose what he will do. Will he lead the word to destruction or will he turn away from fate creating his own destiny? Creative and original, Ms. Kenyon has yet again created an amazing story. Infamous is richer than ever!