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My name is Savannah and I’m the founder Books With Bite.  Books have always found a way to my heart with great literature and adventure. Though I may not be a teen, I wish I could be!

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I read this book while in waiting room for my son therapy sessions. I cried. No, correction, I bawled. The secretary lady looked at me like," What is wrong with that girl!" Umm, whats wrong with me is that I just read the most epic story ever!When I started this book I expected many things. Death, love, new adventures, but never did I think that this book will take me where it did. It took my heart, star-crossed lovers, and an impending death mixed it all together leaving me in a puddle of my tears. What gets me is how everything is so unexpected. I mean you expected it, but you never think that it will go the way it goes.The love in the book is so pure. It's a love that is cherished with every moment that they have. They don't waste time or beat around the bush. They take every single minute, slowly, carefully, entwining whatever time they have left.The ending. Geesh! This is the part that crush me to pieces. The letter at the end is so brutally honest, so loving, so freaking epic, that I sobbed in that waiting chair. I could not, for the life of me, hold in my tears. Mr. John Green, for you to write such an divine, life changing book, it makes me see things differently. That, “What a slut time is. She screws everybody.” True. So freaking true.Take my word for it and read this book. After reading this book, you will learn to appreciate the time you have, even if its short. The Fault In Our Stars leads the reader to a vulnerability that they do not see coming. The reader falls prey to the amazing writing of John Green, leading them to a story that will single-handedly break you down. Want an epic story that will blow your mind, read The Fault In Our Stars.