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Romeo Redeemed

Romeo Redeemed - Stacey Jay As you can tell, I have been reading lots of sequels. And this is another sequel I was dying to read. For me Juliet Immortal has a great twist on a classic story. And with the way that it ended, I just had to read the next book.So, did I enjoy this book? Yes. Was it what I was exciting? No. The plot of the book starts off with Romeo desperately trying to undo what he did. The reader was left with a bitter taste in their mouth in then last book with what Romeo did. If he was going to prove me wrong, he must get down on his knees and beg for mercy! Romeo did a rather good job inn changing who he is. His heart is on the right place with wanting to undo his mistakes. In that, Romeo is set back in time to help a girl. A girl who he had no intention of falling in love with but use just to get redeemed. Grrr...Romeo...With that said, Romeo finally falls in love. Not a lustful love but a real "I love you so much it hurts" love. He learns what loves truly is. It's selfless. It's pure beyond anything he can imagine. He ends up setting himself aside just to save her. To make sure that she is taken care before he is. It took a while for the reader, to see Romeo this way. In the beginning, even though he got the second chance, Romeo is still selfish. All he thought was about himself. Soon, the reader see Romeo changing in a new light.Both Juliet and Romeo learn more about why thing had happen to them. The secrets are out of the bag and both have a new beginning. It's nice that the author gave such a good ending to an action-packed book.Romeo Redeemed is a great book! This undeniably sweet story, reveals the real heart of Romeo. Written well with a refreshing twist on the story, Romeo Redeemed is a book you want to read.