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United Eden (Eden Trilogy, #3)

United Eden (Eden Trilogy, #3) - Nicole  Williams The finally book in this series and boy was it ever exciting! I really loved how everything is tied up nicely. At the beginning of the book I felt so much emotion!!! My heart could not take it anymore! It had to go this way or else I was done with the book. Luckily the author knows how to really work up the reader to a great ending. The love interest, well ...lets just say more things come out and its get pretty interesting!! I'm a little shocked certain aspects played out that way but, even more excited to read bout Patrick's story. Don't worry, in the end, the reader will be wholly satisfied of how it all goes down. After finishing it, I had a big smile on my face.If I say anymore, I will give away more that what I intend too. Just know, that when you read this story it's soo awesome! Don't worry and keep reading. It's gets better with lots of plot twist that give you a heart attack :)United Eden is an awesome story! The approach of such a powerful ending, blows me away! Impressive and thrilling, United Eden is an daring plot that you can't miss!