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Fair Game (Alpha and Omega Series #3)

Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs This is the third book in the Alpha and Omega Series. I have been following this series from the beginning and I am very happy with how the series has progressed. The first two books provided a great story build to the relationship that Anna and Charles are in now. In this story, Anna and Charles face a deeper problem that not only affects them but their marriage. This new prospect intrigues the reader to keep reading and to follow them during their trouble. The reader gets quickly invested in the couple and before you know it, you are rooting for them.Along with that storyline, Charles himself has to face some inner demons as well. Charles learns to face his past. I really loved watching him struggle yet coming alive with Anna's guidance. The loyalty and devotion that Anna has in Charles and in her pack really show her characters. The reader sees how strong that Anna has become. I love that she is not shy or scared. Now, she is fierce and fighting for her love.The love interest in the book is typical yet it has grown. Anna and Charles compliment each other well. The love that is between them is genuine and very captivating. I adore that after all that they have been through, they are a stronger couple.Fair Game is brilliant story that's original and entertaining. Briggs captivates the reader with toughness and emotional transparency of the characters. The sacrifice and courage that Anna and Charles portrays leads the reader to a love that is enticing. Fair Game is a triumphant tale that you can't miss!