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Sun-Kissed Christmas (Summer Novels)

Sun-Kissed Christmas (Summer) - Katherine Applegate I hadn't realized this book is part of a series, but now that I know. I will definitely read up on it. I read this story today cause I felt I needed a good happy romance for Christmas Day. And yes, this book gave me exactly what I wanted.This book is quick read. Just a littler over 170 pages, I was able to dive into a romance fast. I love that the romance didn't build up quickly, but was part of their past. They had a relationship before. Coming back together again, it sparks up memories of a past time that they both want again.I like that this story didn't just include their romance but also a lost romance during the war. I like that they worked together to bring to lost lovers together. It is amazing to see that when you meet the one. They are the one. No matter how many years has past or even if you moved on. That person will always have your heart.Even thought this book is part of a series, I had no trouble reading the book. All the past of the characters is quickly told with just the right information. Nothing confusing but all entertaining.I will definitely look into this series and read the other books.Sun-Kissed Christmas is a great holiday read. Full of lost love and new found love, finding the one is a rare precious moment. It's something you want to hang on to, even if you are scared.